Be ready for your next repair challenge and eliminate downtime with SECO SEALS flare washer kits. These handy and durable kits are designed to fit just about every immediate leak repair need that uses a crush washer, flare saver, 37 degree flare gasket, conical seal, hydraulic fittings, pneumatic fittings or cryogenic fittings. From deep sea to upper atmosphere and everything in between, SECO SEALS kits have what you need for fast leak repair.

Each kit is made of high quality shop grade plastic and features a durable metal hinge. The see-through design helps you know at a glance your SECO SEALS inventory. SECO SEALS kits are water resistant and compact, so they are easy to store on-board planes, boats, underwater vessels, even spacecraft, or at the job site or your job box.

SECO SEALS kits give you handy flight grade fixes for every application. If it dives, floats, moves earth or flies, SECO SEALS has the seals to stop leaks fast. From test labs to overhaul and maintenance, MRO to equipment techs, aviation mechanics and engineers, SECO SEALS kits are your answer for on the spot hydraulic, pneumatic and cryogenic leak repairs.

SECO SEALS kits are specially designed to give you a wide assortment of SECO7 flared tube fittings. Each SECO SEALS kit contains a various assortment of individually packed clear plastic safety tubes, each containing 15 high quality Conical Seals, all packed in high grade shock absorbing foam.

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SECO77 Kits contain a selection of gasket sizes chosen for typical shop consumption. There are a total of 15-gaskets for each size within a Kit.  The number of gasket sizes in a Kit varies.  Kits are available in  aluminum, copper, nickel or stainless steel.

Seco Seals CAGE CODE is 33447 and the ECCN number is 9A991.d.

The following PDF’s contain information regarding SECO77 Kits:

SECO77 Kit Page 1

This PDF describes basic information about all 49-Kits.

SECO77 Seal Kit Page 1

SECO77 Kit Page 2

This PDF describes the contents of kits SECO77-1 through SECO77-20.  These Kits are for Aluminum, Copper, Nickel or Stainless Steel Gaskets.

SECO77 Seal Kit  Page 2

SECO77 Kit Page 3

This PDF describes the contents of kits SECO77-21 through SECO77-40. Kits in this range are either “Tin Plated” for Aluminum, Copper and Nickel gaskets or “Silver Plated” for Nickel and Steel gaskets.

SECO77 Seal Kit Page 3

SECO77 Kit Page 4

This PDF describes the contents of kits SECO77-46, SECO77-47, SECO77-50 and SECO77-55 through SECO77-60. Kits in this range are all “Tin Plated” for Nickel or Stainless Steel gaskets.

SECO77 Seal Kit Page 4

SECO77 Kit List

Kit NumberUPCEANMaterial(s)
SECO77-16625780001290662578000129Aluminum 1100
SECO77-26625780001360662578000136Aluminum 1100
SECO77-36625780001430662578000143Aluminum 1100
SECO77-46625780001500662578000150Copper 110
SECO77-56625780001670662578000167Copper 110
SECO77-66625780001740662578000174Nickel 201
SECO77-76625780001810662578000181Nickel 201
SECO77-86625780001980662578000198Aluminum 1100
SECO77-96625780002040662578000204Copper 110
SECO77-106625780002110662578000211Nickel 201
SECO77-116625780002280662578000228Aluminum 1100
SECO77-126625780002350662578000235Aluminum 1100
SECO77-136625780002420662578000242Copper 110
SECO77-146625780002590662578000259Copper 110
SECO77-156625780002660662578000266Nickel 201
SECO77-166625780002730662578000273Nickel 201
SECO77-176625780002800662578000280Nickel 201
SECO77-186625780002970662578000297Nickel 201
SECO77-196625780003030662578000303Nickel 201
SECO77-206625780003100662578000310Stainless 305
SECO77-216625780003270662578000327Tin Plated Aluminum 1100
SECO77-226625780003340662578000334Tin Plated Aluminum 1100
SECO77-236625780003410662578000341Tin Plated Aluminum 1100
SECO77-246625780003580662578000358Tin Plated Copper 110
SECO77-256625780003650662578000365Tin Plated Copper 110
Kits SECO77-1 through SECO77-25
Kit NumberUPCEANMaterial(s)
SECO77-266625780003720662578000372Tin Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-276625780003890662578000389Tin Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-286625780003960662578000396Tin Plated Aluminum 1100
SECO77-296625780004020662578000402Tin Plated Copper 110
SECO77-306625780004190662578000419Tin Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-316625780004260662578000426Tin Plated Aluminum 1100
SECO77-326625780004330662578000433Tin Plated Aluminum 1100
SECO77-336625780004400662578000440Tin Plated Copper 110
SECO77-346625780004570662578000457Tin Plated Copper 110
SECO77-356625780004640662578000464Tin Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-366625780004710662578000471Tin Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-376625780004880662578000488Tin Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-386625780004950662578000495Tin Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-396625780005010662578000501Tin Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-406625780005180662578000518Tin Plated Stainless 305
SECO77-466625780005700662578000570Silver Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-476625780005870662578000587Silver Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-506625780006170662578000617Silver Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-556625780006620662578000662Silver Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-566625780006790662578000679Silver Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-576625780006860662578000686Silver Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-586625780006930662578000693Silver Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-596625780007090662578000709Silver Plated Nickel 201
SECO77-606625780007160662578000716Silver Plated Stainless 305
Kits SECO77-26 through SECO77-60

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